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The ATA is an initiative by the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) with the primary aim of promoting agricultural sector transformation by supporting existing structures of government, private-sector and other non-governmental partners to address systemic bottlenecks and deliver on a priority national agenda to achieve growth and food security.


 The programmatic focus of the Agency responds to a core set of needs identified by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Transformation Council. Within the Agency, focus areas are divided into three different groups of programs; systems which includes seeds, soil health and fertility management, cooperatives, input/output markets, household irrigation, and extension/research; high priority value chains including tef, wheat, maize, barley, oilseeds and pulses, and rice as well as livestock; and special initiatives that are cross-cutting, including technology access and adoption, gender mainstreaming, climate adaptation and environmental sustainability, and monitoring and evaluation. Across the programs, the ATA engages public, private and non-governmental stakeholders to support strategic planning, manage and strengthen implementation capacity, and test innovative models. The ATA is financed by the GOE and a range of development partners.


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