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SIGMA Electric PLC is, without doubt, among the handful best known names in electromechanical business in Ethiopia today. The firm was initially established in 1993 as Remake Engineering. Being initiated by the objectives of coping up with the ongoing business trends as SIGMA Electricll as upcoming opportunities and challenges it was restructured and instituted, in accordance with the commercial code of Ethiopia, in to a broad based private limited company, what is now known as SIGMA Electric PLC, in July 1999. During the past years, we have been operating as one of the major players in the electromechanical business area and have won the trust and recognition of our esteemed customers through our culture of customer orientation as well as our accumulated wealth of professional and practical expertise that is unmatched by any of our competitors In all of our undertakings so far, we have offered high quality and international standard services to our discerning clients in both contracting and service business segments. The list of our extensive projects can be supplied on request. However, a few of our more prestigious projects are listed separately for your benefit. As the opportunity arise and based on prevailing circumstances, we have been flexibly involving ourselves as a main and/or sub-contractor, or in association with others for almost all forms of electromechanical projects. In the course of implementing projects, the company undertakes the sourcing of installation equipment and materials (electrical and mechanical) as units or packages of technology, or as complete turnkey setups. In doing so, the company endeavors to maximize the local input through unpacking of technology, providing local technical expertise and labor, as well as local fabrication of components and systems.

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