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Business Type: Private Organization
Business Name: ShayaShone Trading Plc.
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Shayashone Trading plc is a fast emerging service provider company working in the sectors of consultancy and Logistics. From its consultancy branch our company serves clients with agribusiness, value chain development and investment needs while its logistics branch provides services on clearing, forwarding, transportation and warehousing. Our company provides these services to a diverse range of International, local and governmental organizations. With the mission to deliver unparalleled services with maximum and lasting impact on clients, Shayashone has built a team of young, energetic and experienced individuals and a vibrant working environment. 

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Address: Ethiopia
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Location: Addis Ababa
Created Date: 2015-02-27 08:47:43
Employer ID: ShayaShone Trading Plc.

Tel +251 937070604

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