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dVentus Technologies is a US based high tech renewable energy technology company. The company develops and manufactures innovative and customized solutions for energy conversion and energy management systems for the ever growing energy and clean transportation sectors targeted for emerging markets. Since 2005 dVentus Technologies has strategically engineered products for niche but underserved markets with high quality, low cost and cutting edge technology.

dVentus Technologies is a pioneer in developing specialized smart meter technology and associated communications and data Management systems for Africa, variable speed generators and power electronics, converters for wind turbines, and Gensets and CHP to provide maximum power, performance, flexibility and efficiency in the energy and transportation sectors. 

Our products demonstrate our pioneer spirit. dVentus Technologies’ talented and experienced engineers with average experience over 20 years working for Fortune 500 companies apply   international standard methodologies such as 6 sigma to develop innovative products and solutions to the global market. 

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