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About Aged and Children Pastoralists Association Aged and Children Pastoralists Association (ACPA) Aged and Children Pastoralists Association (ACPA) is a local organization registered in Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with Reg. No: 0358, but officially got its registration in 2008 by a group of Somalis as well as non-Somali Ethiopians to Support the disadvantaged “Aged and Children” and improve to build their economic potentiality to overcome livelihood demands. Among the impressive activities done by ACPA include; water, sanitation and hygiene activities, 140 orphan sponsorship for proper education, Camel Mobile Library Service, construction of 200 meters irrigational canal, and continuous water trucking in three target zones i.e. warder, Godey and Shinille zone during drought, Water Sanitation and Hygiene Training, Camel Milk Value Chain Development, Pastoralist Resilience Through Market Expansion and Small scale irrigation and seed distribution for women. 

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