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 Nuru International arrived, we met with local officials and village elders, farmers in their fields, mothers in their mud-walled homes, teachers in their schools, and local business owners at their kiosks to listen to their needs and ask them for solutions.

After months of research we held a meeting to invite farmers to join our Agricultural Loan Program and 450 farmers showed up (we had expected 150). When Nuru members harvested their first maize crop, many experienced a 300% increase in yield, and 96% of members repaid their loans. Subsequent seasons have seen steady crop yield gains for existing Nuru farmers, and exponential gains for new farmers.

Over the years, Nuru has tried dozens of different poverty fighting interventions, of which many have failed. Yet our commitment to developing measurable, sustainable solutions in partnership with local leaders has led us to create the Nuru model.

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